Caspar-rund3 CASPAR RAARUP
System Developer

In high school, I read science with a specialisation in mathematics/computing. Then I moved to Linköping in 2004 when I started studying computer science (C program) at the Institute of Technology. When I started at Cambio, I already had 7 years of experience from two previous jobs (Xcerion and Arris) where I had fairly similar tasks to the ones I have now.

I have a great interest in games and see myself as a gamer. I do therefore play video games but also like traditional board games. I like to program even outside the job and I think it’s very fun to program games. It’s more fun when you can program to various devices such as mobile phones and tablets as I also have a great interest in technology and gadgets in general. When I’m being more physically active, it’s floorball and frisbeegolf.

I work as a developer at Cambio and help to create our new products. If I had to describe a normal working day it’s usually about implementing the vision that our designers have for our new products. It’s very fun and rewarding to be part of shaping a product. Right now I’m mostly working with languages ​​like Javascript, Java and HTML.

My interest in programming began early. I’ve always liked the creative aspect in that you can create exactly what you want. When I was little, I loved Lego, but when I became too old for it the programming of games and websites took over.

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Today Cambio is an e-healthcare company providing smart, reliable and user-friendly solutions to improve healthcare and patient safety with a market-leading position in the Nordics and a presence in the UK, with more than 100,000 users.

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