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A computerised clinical decision support service combines information that is specific to an individual patient, with regulations based on medical evidence, to provide guidance on compliance or advise on what is the best treatment for the patient.

Today there is overwhelming evidence that computerised clinical decision support improves patient safety and facilitates the use of evidence-based healthcare. It works best when it is seamlessly embedded in the workflow and does not need to be extracted from the medical record system or require data to be entered twice. Cambio CDS is based on international standards and has been designed for easy integration with underlying, local medical records. The product supports a learning organisation, where new knowledge in the form of medical rules can continuously be added and quickly put to use in everyday clinical practice. Cambio CDS can be used in all areas of healthcare, regardless of clinical specialty and organisational affiliation.

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Cambio CDS Apps

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Cambio CDS Dashboard

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Cambio CDS Platform

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