The tools in Cambio COSMIC are a number of features that facilitate the user’s everyday usage of the system as well as streamline and secure healthcare processes.

Here we present four of Cambio COSMIC’s tools that give the user that little bit extra and which can generally be used to facilitate the user’s everyday work. Cambio COSMIC’s built-in voice dictation and recognition tool is used to dictate and record information without having to use the keyboard. COSMIC Messenger is the integrated communication solution used both to communicate with colleagues and to generate reminders about important events in the future. Cambio e-learning makes it easy for users to train themselves in Cambio COSMIC through the use of videos and exercises. The e-Learning service also provides a tracking service that makes it easy to follow who is certified and when they became certified.

COSMIC Speech Recognition

Writing medical record notes has never been so easy as it is with COSMIC Speech Recognition. COSMIC Speech Recognition is a speech recognition solution… READ MORE

COSMIC Digital Dictation

COSMIC Dictation is used as part of the documentation process in Cosmic. Dictation (audio) files are recorded using a dictaphone and… READ MORE

COSMIC Messenger

Sometimes you need to communicate directly with your colleagues and receive quick feedback. COSMIC Messenger allows you to communicate quickly and easily… READ MORE

Cambio e-Learning

Cambio e-Learning is integrated with our solutions and can be accessed via the internet by all end users. E-Learning is a revolutionary way to provide training to… READ MORE

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