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Cambio COSMIC is a fully integrated business support system where the various subsystems are tightly integrated and based on the same information system model. Cambio COSMIC is written completely in Java and implemented in a strict multi-layered model in accordance with a SOA.

All layers in the system architecture are clearly separated and Cambio COSMIC can be scaled out on all layers to support very large installations with thousands of simultaneous users. Cambio COSMIC is very robust and has extremely high availability. MS SQL Server is used exclusively for the database and JBoss is used for the application layer. At Cambio, we are continually improving the underlying platform of Cambio COSMIC, in order always to offer a modern and stable business support system. Our approach has always been to gradually develop the technology platform in small stages so as to minimise the impact on business.

COSMIC Intelligence

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COSMIC Connect

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Cambio System Monitoring

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