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With COSMIC PAS you can easily track the progress of a patient through the entire care process, from first contact until treatment is completed.

COSMIC PAS is the collective name for three subsystems. These are Referral Management, Resource Planning and Care Administration. Each one is presented in further detail below. Together, these subsystems make up COSMIC PAS, which manages the whole administrative process, including sending and reviewing referrals, scheduling visits and resources, and managing the admissions register, as well as managing admissions and discharges, and controlling the billing process. COSMIC PAS is a fully integrated support system that works to ensure that healthcare administration functions properly. COSMIC PAS is also fully integrated into the clinical treatment process so there is no need for clinical and administrative information to be recorded more than once.

COSMIC Resource Planning

COSMIC Resource Planning is the planning engine in Cambio COSMIC. Here all healthcare is planned along with all related resource requirements for staff, equipment and… READ MORE

COSMIC Referral

COSMIC Referral provides a fully integrated support system for all types of referrals. This includes referrals for the transfer of care from one care unit to another and… READ MORE

COSMIC Care Administration

COSMIC Care Administration manages the registration of healthcare contacts in Cambio COSMIC. It manages both outpatient visits and hospital admissions, as well as… READ MORE

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