COSMIC Nova is a set of easily-accessible applications, designed for situations where it is not always suitable to use a computer. COSMIC Nova Ward is designed for health professionals working on a ward. COSMIC Nova Physician is designed with a focus on a physician meeting with a patient. The applications are popular for their intuitive design and ease of use.

With COSMIC Nova, healthcare professionals receive a tailored product in which design and functionality are linked together by innovative thinking. Daily work will be simple and easy because you will always have the right information where you need it, whether you are using computers, tablets or touch screens. COSMIC Nova is an extension of Cambio COSMIC, which gives staff a greater opportunity to work with Cambio COSMIC in a situation-based environment. This is possible as the COSMIC Nova products have been developed in the specific context in which they will be used.

COSMIC Nova Ward Board

An interactive screen that provides a direct view of the situation in the ward, but also offers the possibility of going deeper into an individual patient’s… READ MORE

COSMIC Nova Ward Tablet

Work that is carried out at the patient’s bedside can be easily recorded and documented on the spot thanks to the COSMIC Nova Ward Tablet. In the application… READ MORE

COSMIC Nova Physician

COSMIC Nova Physician is designed for mobile use to support the physician in a meeting with the patient. It is simple to use and provides direct access to the… READ MORE

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