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Specialist Support in Cambio COSMIC is a set of business-specific solutions which are fully customised to the processes in which they are used within the healthcare sector.

Cambio COSMIC’s specialist support service includes a number of business-specific features. When combined with Cambio COSMIC’s general functionality, an integrated business support system is created that can be tailored to the business in which it is used. Through these integrated solutions, several different businesses can use Cambio COSMIC in their own way, whilst still keeping all the patient information together across the whole chain of care. As a result, all the information concerning the patient is always available where and when it is needed.


COSMIC Link is a technical feature that links together the contact and communication channels between the hospital and primary care… READ MORE

COSMIC Theatre Management

COSMIC Theatre Management provides comprehensive support to the perioperative process. As operation planning, medical records, drugs and patient administration functions… READ MORE

COSMIC Psychiatry

COSMIC Psychiatry offers tailor-made support for the entire psychiatry network. Now you can work with a psychiatric support system that takes account of the special… READ MORE


COSMIC Birth is used to support the workflow of personnel working in maternity clinics and the maternity ward, as well as those providing obstetric care to pregnant women… READ MORE

COSMIC Emergency

COSMIC Emergency is a business support system developed for those who work in emergency care. COSMIC Emergency collect all relevant patient and… READ MORE

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