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COSMIC Theatre Management

COSMIC Theatre Management provides comprehensive support to the perioperative process. As operation planning, medical records, medications and patient administration functions are all integrated into the same system, the user has access to all information at the same time and does not have to switch between different systems. This both helps avoid duplication and reduces the risk of error. The operation planning feature includes a waiting list with extensive search capabilities, a graphic scheduling tool for operations and a warning system for critical resources. Once the operation is booked, COSMIC will take care of the necessary administrative steps behind the scenes. The operation is automatically linked to a healthcare contact who controls all the administrative measures involved with the procedure. This allows the user to focus on planning and executing the operation.

Pre-operative assessments and pre-anaesthetic assessments are supported by a template-based system, where different procedures or anaesthesia methods can have different pre-defined plans. The user therefore has a standard procedure to work from, but can change and add information. Checklists containing activities that need to be carried out before, during or after surgery can be linked to the time of the surgery. This provides all users with a comprehensive overview of the situation. During the operation, the staff register a set of tasks in the system. Many of these tasks form the basis for reporting to national quality registers or for monitoring by local services. Information that needs to be reported is easily captured in COSMIC Theatre Management.

Throughout the day of the operation, different healthcare professionals can follow the progress in the operating theatres. Delays and conflicts over resources can be detected at an early stage and can therefore be managed before any problems arise. This has been valuable for units working outside of the surgical department. For example, staff working in the sterile processing department and on the wards can anticipate peak loads and thereby adjust their plans accordingly. Once it all comes together and staff have access to up-to-date information, lots of small decisions can be made that improve daily work, which can then make a big difference when they are all put together. Resource usage is automatically optimised and job satisfaction increases as you have control over the whole process.

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