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COSMIC Speech Recognition

Writing medical record notes has never been as easy as it is with COSMIC Speech Recognition. COSMIC Speech Recognition is fully integrated into Cambio COSMIC and works seamlessly with the other documenting techniques, the keyboard and COSMIC Dictation.

The solution is based on the world leading speech recognition engine from Nuance (Speech Magic). COSMIC Speech Recognition increases patient safety as it allows the user to document and sign the medical record entry at the same time. COSMIC Speech Recognition considerably reduces the time and number of processes involved in completing an entry in the medical record. Once the medical record entry is completed, it is immediately available to all those involved in the care process! It means that those involved with the next step in the care process have all the available information about the patient.

The effective work process allows medical secretaries to focus on other work. Instead of dictating or typing your medical record entry, the note is written through the use of your voice. All you need is a dictaphone! You can also control COSMIC through your dictaphone for a smoother and more efficient method of working. Using the search function in free text, you can make use of numerous phrases that already exist in COSMIC’s phrase directory. You receive direct feedback as to whether what you dictated looks good in writing and you are not dependent on someone else to get something written in the medical record! Speech recognition helps make entries more compliant with the structure of the medical record templates and keep the records more concise.

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