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COSMIC Order Management

The ordering and response service provided by COSMIC Order Management is the link between you and the laboratory. The service works to simplify and systematise the daily processing of referrals. Here you can create orders for various laboratories with accompanying sample data and X-ray orders.

You get access to laboratory specialities such as clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, the blood/transfusion lab and pathology. In each specialty you are given the freedom to order multiple tests/analyses as part of the same order. You can group analyses and create custom analysis packages. Unique medical questions can be linked to each investigation, to be answered by the person carrying out the analysis once they receive the order. Laboratory information concerning investigations/analyses and sampling can also be attached to the ordering function. Via a copy function, you can create a series of referrals and tests for a patient. For x-ray orders, you can add each unit to numerous x-ray ranges.

Order responses and analysis results will be returned to the user and will appear in their inbox. Here the healthcare professional can easily view their responses. The responses also appear in the respective patient’s response list. Numerical values/results can be compiled graphically – extra handy if, for example, you want to show how a patient’s blood count varied over a certain period of time.

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