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COSMIC Link is a technical feature that links together the contact and communication channels between the hospital and primary care and community care. COSMIC Link supports the establishment of a joint care plan. COSMIC Link collects all information from Cambio COSMIC. As such, all authorised personnel in the care chain can get access to patient information, medical records, discharge summaries, rehabilitation reports and medication lists. Tedious and complicated fax routines are a distant memory. Instead, admission notices, discharge summaries and care planning notices are all managed completely electronically.

You can easily extract information from COSMIC Link to support your daily work. For example, you can see the number of patients who are ready for discharge at a unit, clinic or in an entire region.

An additional convenient feature is that COSMIC Link can send an email notification when a new message is sent. This ensures that the recipient is alerted that a message has been received even when they are not logged into COSMIC Link.

Brief summary of COSMIC Link:
  • A coherent case management tool that allows messages to be sent and received between inpatient care, community care and primary care.
  • Authorised users are given access to current issues.
  • Each unit (ward, community and health centre) can only follow the cases in which they are involved.
  • The coordinated care plan is documented all in one place, with an option for each party to sign it independently.
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