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COSMIC Emergency

COSMIC Emergency is a business support system developed for those who work in emergency care. COSMIC Emergency collects all relevant patient and business information in the emergency ward. You avoid having to switch between different computer systems. You get a complete overview of the state of activities, waiting times, where patients are located etc. COSMIC Emergency supports the care process and displays the information that suits the changing needs of the user. The Unit Overview automatically updates itself and always shows the most recently-available information. Other parts of COSMIC can be reached directly.

COSMIC Emergency provides a number of views, which each show relevant information for different tasks. The windows are designed to best support the varying needs of the department:
  • Unit Overview – This is the main window and it includes a Patient Overview which is automatically updated with new information when it changes, such as when a new lab result arrives.
  • Prioritisation (Triage) – Decision support for patient prioritisation.
  • Healthcare Contact Information – Creates and updates administrative contact information.
  • Patient Log – Displays all events surrounding a single patient in the emergency ward.
  • Operational Load – Illustrates the workload of the emergency unit.
  • Hall monitor – An anonymous and quick overview of patients and rooms.
  • Waiting Time Information – Information about waiting times at the emergency department, which can be presented on a screen in the waiting room, on the intranet or Internet.
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