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COSMIC Clinical Display

COSMIC Clinical Display is COSMIC’s general overview, which presents information about the patient and business from three different perspectives; the patient’s perspective, the user’s perspective, and the organisation’s perspective. The Patient Overview gives the user a comprehensive overview of completed and planned activities, as well as information concerning contacts, diagnoses, vital signs, medicines and referrals. The Patient Overview also serves as the navigation pane from which the user can access more detailed information. The Patient Overview also offers an analysis pane where users are given a graphical overview of vital signs, medications and lab results on a time axis, which can be zoomed from one minute right up to one year. The My Overview function gives the user a complete view of their calendar and their patients, as well as any outstanding tasks they may have such as referrals or unsigned notes. In the Business Overview, information is presented about one or more organisational units that support the leading functions in the business. It provides information on occupancy, unsigned or uncertified information, incoming and outgoing referrals and billing positions.

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