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COSMIC Care Documentation

COSMIC Care Documentation – a documentation support system for the entire healthcare sector, making up the core of patient records. In COSMIC Care Documentation, you can find the patient’s chronological records. The user can read all the information about the patient in a chronological order, as the other functions in COSMIC create a time reference when new entries are entered into the patient’s records. COSMIC Care Documentation consists of three integrated functions: Chronological Record, Care Plan and Observation Records. The Chronological Record manages the business’s ongoing documentation needs using configurable activity-specific notes. The Care Plan creates an interdisciplinary, process-oriented documentation trail. The plan includes healthcare needs, goals and planned activities, which can then be tracked as the patient receives care. The Observation Records provide problem-oriented documentation support. They primarily look at unforeseen events that support the documentation of problems, actions and results. All information that is recorded in COSMIC Care Documentation can also be filtered and structured so that it is adapted to each specific business need, all the while ensuring that the patient’s entire record is kept together in one place.

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