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COSMIC Birth is used to support the workflow of staff working in maternity clinics and the maternity ward, as well as those providing obstetric care to pregnant women. All documentation recorded at units related to a woman’s pregnancy is collected in a common view in the medical record. This means that authorised personnel can easily share relevant information, regardless of where they work.

COSMIC Birth has a number of special features which are specifically designed for obstetrics:
  • Pregnancy View: collects all information about a pregnancy; medical notes, medical tables, a partogram, overview documents.
  • Medical Record Table: recording and presentation of various parameters monitored during pregnancy; eg fundal height, Hb, urine, blood pressure etc.
  • Overview Document: to quickly get an overview of the pregnancy
  • Partogram: a complete tool to document and survey the labour and delivery

In addition to these customised functions, there are also features included in Cambio COSMIC that can be used to support this kind of work. These include services such as the List of Visits, Patient Overview, Registration Overview, the Medical Record, medications, referral service etc. that are included in Cambio COSMIC.

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