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Cambio System Monitoring

Takes Cambio COSMIC’s pulse. Cambio System Monitoring (CSM) is a fully integrated monitoring system for Cambio COSMIC. The system continuously monitors how Cambio COSMIC is performing as well as the performance data for each individual user. With CSM, a whole Cambio COSMIC installation can be monitored, from the database via the network and application servers, to the end user’s local client. CSM continuously gathers performance data from thousands of data points. This data can be continuously analysed for performance optimisation or for identifying problems before they affect end users. CSM is built on an open analysis structure. It is also integrated with Microsoft’s analytics tool, which is why other systems as well as COSMIC can also be monitored.

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Cambio Healthcare System




Today Cambio is an e-healthcare company providing smart, reliable and user-friendly solutions to improve healthcare and patient safety with a market-leading position in the Nordics and a presence in the UK, with more than 100,000 users.

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