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COSMIC e-Prescribing

COSMIC e-Prescribing is used to manage medications, vaccines, blood products, nutritional products and consumables for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. It supports the prescription and administration of all medication types, including complex infusions.

COSMIC e-Prescribing provides you with support regardless of your profession. You can see a list of all the drug treatments and prescriptions that the patient has received. You can also see the nutritional products and consumables that the patient has been prescribed. The graphical view helps you clearly see what treatment the patient received and when they received it. One example is being able to see when an infusion was started and is expected to be completed, based on the duration you specified in the prescription. If you are administering medicines, then you will find all the treatments the patient is due to receive in a single view, ready for administration. Vaccinations are presented separately.


When considering support for making prescriptions, you can search for the medicinal product or the template you would like to use. When you choose a product/template, COSMIC e-Prescribing will present you with all the warnings that are identified for the patient. Besides being able to prescribe medicines, you can also prescribe nutritional products and consumables. Whether you plan to prescribe a number of prescriptions, a single medication prescription, or a combination of medicines, consumables and nutritional products, then the system has the functionality to do this.

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