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COSMIC Care Administration

COSMIC Care Administration manages the registration of healthcare contacts in Cambio COSMIC. (A ‘contact’ is the combination of the patient and their visit.) It manages both outpatient visits and hospital admissions, as well as the related registrations. COSMIC Care Administration is tightly integrated with COSMIC Resource Planning so that the scheduled care can easily be registered, along with all related information, when the time comes for the patient’s arrival registration or admission to hospital. COSMIC Care Administration also provides real-time tracking of where the patient is physically located and where responsibility for the patient lies, through the use of Bed Management and other unit overviews. Where appropriate, COSMIC Care Administration is also responsible for all payments related to receiving treatment. It has a number of different charging models that can be configured to a variety of reimbursement systems. Whether the treatment is paid for through direct invoicing for services delivered or commissioned through NHS agreements, this is handled by the underlying contractual model that ensures that repayment is properly managed.

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