Published: 2018-07-05

New decision support system for better prostate cancer care

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), in collaboration with the Primary Cancer Care Network (CaPrim), has launched clinical decision support for the unified care of patients with suspected prostate cancer.

The clinical decision support system (CDS) has been introduced as a pilot project, in which Sophiahemmet Husläkarmottagning is first in line for implementation. CDS will be evaluated at three further publicly managed care centres within Stockholm County Council for the next six months, primarily by doctors and referral recipients, to ensure that the system achieves the intended objectives before it is implemented more widely throughout primary care network. Tests have also been conducted in selected patient groups during the development of the pilot.

The purpose of introducing CDS is to support primary care in their assessments and positioning of patient remittances, and facilitating general medical best practice to follow standard care procedures. The system collects relevant data from nationally developed care processes and information from patient records in one place. This increases the ability to identify and access more accurate information in cases where patients need to be referred to a specialist for further investigation.

Supporting Primary Care Through Standardized Care Processes
If the project is successful, RCC wants to open up the possibility of introducing the system for use in larger tumour groups.
“We chose prostate cancer as a pilot because it is the most common form of cancer. About 70 percent of cancer patients start their journey in primary care, and there is a great need for improvement in treatment and care,” says Kathrin Wode, senior physician and RCC Operations Developer. “By making a good decision base available and creating uniformity throughout the care process, we can meet the clinical needs and, in the long run, offer better and more effective care for our patients.”

Structured and Unvaried Treatment
“All patients are unique in terms of both disease and history,” says Lena Sharp, Chief Executive Officer of RCC. “The important thing in their care is to have sufficient competence and information about the symptoms which the doctor should be able to respond to, decide what to do and be alerted when there is reason to refer a patient for further investigation. An enormous amount of information is available through a number of different records. CDS can contribute in gathering all the relevant information in the same place, both based on the patient’s background and based on best-practice guidelines to recommend steps in specific care processes. In this way, we can facilitate primary care’s adherence to standardised processes so that all patients receive fair and uniform treatment.”

 System Suppliers in Cooperation to Support RCC Initiatives
The technical solution is the result of a collaboration between Cambio Healthcare Systems and CGM. Cambio has developed the CDS clinical decision support module, which in this project is integrated within the existing interface of TakeCare – CGM’s records system used by most healthcare providers in Stockholm County Council. Cambio’s decision support system is based on open standards and is completely independent of underlying electronic healthcare record systems. This means that the solution is possible to integrate into any care system.
“This is a good example of how suppliers can collaborate to quickly create solutions that help to benefit patients and their care,” says Peter Gille, CEO of Cambio. The starting point for the collaboration with CGM has been to find a collaborative solution that supports RCC’s initiatives to improve cancer care. It is our role as a supplier to handle multiple solutions and make them work. Then innovations can be realized at a faster pace.”
“There is actually no restriction in applications,” Gille continues. “The technology is based on a generic solution and can therefore be easily applied to several healthcare processes. The potential of automating processes in care is high, and can lead to greater efficiency and, in the long term, shorter care queues.”

For more information, please contact:
Kathrin Wode 
Business Developer , RCC Stockholm Gotland
070-737 42 61

Peter Gille 
CEO Cambio
070-825 00 14

Karin Pihlgren 
VP Sales & Marketing, CGM
08-453 55 20

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