Published: 2018-01-21

A new symbol for a new digital blood flow

Healthcare and social services are facing major challenges. Our population is growing and we are living longer. As a direct result, our demands for health and social care are increasing. At the same time, healthcare providers have to ensure access to high-quality and safe healthcare services, a good working environment and satisfied patients and consumers who want to become more involved, and are demanding new ways to interact. This requires a completely new model for the delivery of health care and social services.

Cambio delivers innovative solutions that connect organisations across entire regions, and joins up patients, health and social care providers.

Understanding consumers, patients, and care providers, as well as the latest technology is the key to successful innovation. Cambio has longevity, experience and a deep understanding of how healthcare and social services function in Sweden.

We offer open platforms that drive collaboration, knowledge transfer and opportunities for integration with third-party solutions. We provide healthcare and social service providers with the tools to improve the efficiency and outcomes of their tasks. We involve patients in the planning, implementation and monitoring of their healthcare and social service decisions via our consumer services. Using our newest technology, we can further strengthen patients’ opportunities for dialogue and interaction.

Our solutions achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes, with equal access to healthcare and social services no matter where people live. To cement our role in the new health and social care landscape, we have now renewed our logo. It symbolizes a Cambio that is ready to help link people and information, inspired by images of networks, connectivity, blood flow and nerve pathways.

Cambio Sender Image

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Today Cambio is an e-healthcare company providing smart, reliable and user-friendly solutions to improve healthcare and patient safety with a market-leading position in the Nordics and a presence in the UK, with more than 100,000 users.

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