Published: 2017-12-12

Uppsala introduces video search with direct connection to Cambio COSMIC

Since May, patients at Fålhagens Primary Care Centre in Region Uppsala are able to conduct virtual visits with their physicians via the Cambio COSMIC care information system. The health centre has concluded a pilot project with video consultations in the context of a larger focus on digitising public services in the region. The opportunity to meet their healthcare providers via video has been received very positively by the patients.

About the Solution
The e-visit is based on an integration between the Cambio COSMIC care information system and the Skype for Business communications platform. The solution enables caregivers to conduct video consultations with patients through COSMIC.

“The ability to meet doctors via video is very beneficial for patients as they do not have to go to a physical care centre or reception,” says Sara Stenborg, Product Manager for Video Search at Cambio Healthcare Systems. “The great thing about our fully integrated service for virtual visits is that it will also be a way of saving both time and money, because the doctor is conducting the video consultation in his regular electronic healthcare system,” Sara continues. “Patient safety increases as all patient information is available to the doctor when the video consultation is linked to the EHR.”

Fully integrated with your EHR
Using video consultations in healthcare is not new in itself, this technology has existed for a long time. The innovation with Cambio’s e-visit service is that doctors can now communicate with their patients in a smooth and safe way – directly integrated with COSMIC. It does not matter where the patient is, all that is required is that they have access to the internet and a computer, mobile or tablet.

Administratively, an email visit to COSMIC is managed in the same way as regular physical visits or phone visits. Any billing and patient fees associated with payments are handled in COSMIC Care Management and the visit is documented in COSMIC. Furthermore, the solution can utilize the fact that COSMIC is already integrated into all key solutions (1177, Journal etc.) in the Swedish e-health infrastructure.

“This is a way for us to increase accessibility and to accommodate patients’ desire to meet their healthcare provider whenever and wherever they see fit. We have received a very positive response from both patients and staff,” says Erik Sköldenberg, Chief Physician and Object Owner of COSMIC in Uppsala

How does the patient connect?
The patient will be able to connect to the e-visit service in different ways. This can either be through a secure login at 1177.se or by using a downloadable e-visit application where the patient connects to the video session using e-credentials. Both in the app and in 1177, the patient will have a complete overview of their various bookings, both physical, telephone and video.

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