Published: 2017-03-14

Life expectancy across the UK is rising, and with older age comes increasingly complex disease profiles. So how will the NHS cope?

One way is to look towards realising the ambition set out in the Five Year Forward view and build systems around the population. We need to achieve this through systems that meet the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim:

•       Improve patient experience (including quality and satisfaction)
•       Improve the health of the population
•       Reduce the per capita cost of healthcare

The more we can identify and risk-stratify our population and put in appropriate support measures, alongside general preventative health and care programmes, the better supported and healthier people will be. This means our populations can manage their own care better, it leads to fewer unplanned admissions, better patient experience, improved quality of life and a lower overall cost. Our COSMIC System supports both the clinician and patient in this model of care planning and can raise alerts to the GP for specific patients where there are particular changes in their health profile.

Read the pdf about how County Kronoberg in Sweden is using COSMIC to improve elderly care and helping to make all of this possible! regionkronoberg_dn_hel_eng

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