Published: 2016-04-04

Simple overviews and mobile support made sceptics change their approach

– I was very negative at first. But now I think it is among the best that happened. Today I can not imagine working without my tablet. Everything goes so much more smoothly. There is a great aid.

It says the nurse Magnus Forsberg on Title 1 at Västmanlands Sala hospital. Just over a year ago introduced COSMIC Nova Ward at his workplace. The purpose of the product – developed by Cambio Healthcare Systems – is to support and facilitate daily work in a ward.

From skeptic to enthusiast
In section 1, there are 18 hospital beds. Here are conducted primarily multi-professional rehabilitation of stroke and orthopedic patients. It also makes inquiries of medically stable patients in internal medicine and geriatrics. In the department also cared for patients at end of life.
– When I heard that we would start working with the tablets, I thought it was an unnecessary inventions, something that came from above. I’ve never been particularly fond of computers and was not interested in a new approach, says Magnus Forsberg. But it did not take long for Magnus Forsberg to change the setting – once he got to start using IT support. And today, he describes himself as a great Nova enthusiast.

Magnus Forsberg, a nurse in department 1 at Canyon Hospital in Sala. Photo: Svante Remshagen

Two services for increased support
COSMIC Nova Ward consists of two positions. Secondly an electronic map where the facts of the department’s patients are presented in real time on a large touch screen inside the department station. Secondly mobile tablet devices that enable that – on the spot – record and document the work done at the patient’s bedside. The two services communicate with each other and the information is updated continuously. The services are also integrated with the healthcare information system.
– When I start my shift I download a tablet from the loading site and log me. Then all my patients in a list. When I click on the name until I get more information and to see what duties I must perform. Via the tablet, I can also take advantage of medical records, test results, referrals and much more, explains Magnus Forsberg.

Feel more involved
Magnus Forsberg has worked as a nurse for over 30 years. His opinion that the work becomes more efficient and patient-safe thanks to the new aid.
– I have with me the tablet at all times in my pocket. I know what activities I’ll perform and I trestles of them afterwards with the help of a checklist. That way I will not have to disturb the nurses with a lot of questions. I do not write something down on paper, and the information I document the lands directly in the journal, he says. Magnus Forsberg also feel more involved in the work of the Department. The job has simply become much more fun, he says.
– And so my interest in computers and new technology brought seriously, something that surprises both my family and myself. Perhaps it is time to replace my ten year old cell phone to a more modern version, he says, laughing.

Want to see two short films about the features of COSMIC Nova Ward Board and COSMIC Nova Ward Tablet?
Film – COSMIC Nova Ward Board
Film – COSMIC Nova Ward Tablet

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