Published: 2016-02-12

eHealth in Almedalen

Cambio Healthcare Systems will also this year be in place in Almedalen. Among other things, we participate in the Swedish Medtech meeting where we discuss how we can put patients at the center, to promote health care of the highest quality and enable collaboration between healthcare providers and across regions.

Within the framework of the Swedish Medtech arrangement offers Cambio and Evry to the seminars on medical record online and value-based care.

Journal Online, a concern for doctors and patients, or a matter of course in modern health care? What do doctors and patients? During the seminar, we discuss both practical experience and future opportunities.

Value-based care is increasingly being used to achieve higher quality, improved patient safety and greater cost efficiency. We discuss both practical experience and the vision forward. What are the next steps and how do we bring patients?

More information coming soon.

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