Published: 2015-02-25

Strengthening the leadership

Cambio Healthcare Systems is strengthening its management organisation with two new employees; Kristina Olsson and Peter Cornelius. As a result of the new recruitment drive, the company broadens its expertise to better meet the future needs of the customer.

Kristina Olsson is responsible for Cambio’s consulting organisation and has been hired to expand and strengthen the companys advisory and customer support activities.
– Healthcare increasingly wants to receive support during implementation. Many also ask for help in getting healthcare processes and IT-systems to interact at an optimal level. As Cambio is now creating an internal, international consulting organisation, the company will be in a better position to offer customers these services, says Kristina Olsson.

Close cooperation
Kristina Olsson has a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics and has worked for several years in system and business development at Accenture. She has also worked at the software company Syncron International, where she was responsible for the company’s global consulting organisation. Kristina Olsson’s most recent role was as a development manager at ICA.
– I’ve learned how important it is to work closely with the customer and in a process oriented manner. It is these lessons that I will draw upon at Cambio. Smoothly functioning IT support in healthcare is built on close cooperation between suppliers and users, she says.

New thoughts and ideas
While Kristina Olsson’s focus is on Cambio’s advisory operations, Peter Cornelius has been recruited to take charge of developing the healthcare information system, Cambio COSMIC.
– My mission is to take Cambio’s product portfolio into the future. The key for me is to drive change in harmony with both processes and personnel. I have extensive experience in product development in various companies, and I think I can contribute with new thoughts and ideas, he says.

Peter Cornelius has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. He has previously worked as a product director at IFS, a global enterprise software company. Peter Cornelius has also worked in various roles at Lawson Software Inc, including a role as head of the company’s global development organization for application development.

Complex business
The biggest challenge that Peter Cornelius envisions in his new job is learning the procedures and nomenclatures that are used in healthcare.
– Healthcare commands respect. It is a complex business with very high demands placed on the IT systems that are to support the processes. It is also an area that many of us feel a strong commitment to, says Peter Cornelius.


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